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PHP Training & Projects


Course: Core PHP/ Advance PHP / My SQL / CMS / Framework / Live Project



  Ø  Core PHP

Introduction to PHP

PHP Web Design & PHP Syntax

Variables in PHP

PHP Expressions & Operators

Conditions, Events, Flows & Loops

PHP Functions & Arrays

String Functions & Date And Time Functions

Header Function, Forms & User Input

PHP File & HTTP Protocol

  Ø  My SQL Database & Connectivity with PHP

MySQL Database & Tables & Normalization

Connection to MySQL Database

Data Types & Terminology

MySQL Queries & Where Clause

Order By & Group By

Types of Joins  

  Ø  Designing with HTML & CSS

Introduction to HTML

HTML Elements, Tags & Anchor Tag


HTML List, Table, Form, Events

Div And Span

CSS Selector

Applying CSS Internal, External, Inline

Margins and Padding

CSS Background

CSS Classes and ID

CSS Pseudo-Classes

  Ø  Advance PHP & Standards

MVC Architecture

File System and Server

String Manipulation and Regular Expression

Sessions and Cookies

Access of Files and Directory

Code Reusability

Email services & Security

 Ø Industry Project Training

JAVA Script

Ajax, XML

Web services

Implementing Shopping Cart

Embedding PHP Code into HTML Pages

Payment Gateways  

 Ø Framework



Word press

  Ø  Live Project

Project Definition

SRS & Documentation

GUI & Database Design

Coding with Industry Standards