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Android Training & Projects


Course: Basics JAVA-SQL / Android / SQLite / Google Play Store / Live Project



  Ø  Basics Of JAVA & SQL Database


Java development Environment

-          Eclipse Development Toolkit

-          Installation

Basics of JAVA

-          JVM/JDK

-          Data Types/Operators/Classes/Objects

Basics of XML & Parsing of Data

SQL Database & Transect SQL

  Ø  Introduction of Android

History of Android

-          APIs/Various Releases

-           Google Play Store/Market Analysis

-           Usages/Current Demand of Android

Basics of Development Framework

Emulator/DVM/.Apk Introduction

Project Directory structure and Usages

Fundamentals of Android Objects

-          User Permission

-          Basics of Activities

-          Services/Views/

-          Various XML Files of Project

-          Manifest.XML/R.Java/Resources

-          Layouts/Drawable Resources

My First Program /Application

 Ø Details of Activities

Activity Lifecycle

Activity Classes

  Ø  User Interfaces/UI Objects


Properties of UI tags

GUI XML Components (Buttons/Text/Toggle)

Playing With Images (Dip/dp/Sip/Sp/PX)

  Ø  SQLite Database

Basics of SQLite DB

Various Data Types

SQLite Queries

SQLite Connections

Adding/Updating/Deleting Contents of SQLite

 Ø More Handy With Android Environment Events/Toast/Menu/Dialog/List/Adapters

Details of Intents (Explicit/Implicit)

Switching between Activities/Passing Data between  Layouts or Activities

Events of Various UI Components

Various Types of Menu (Option Menu/Context Menu/SubMenu/Menu From XML/Menu Via Code)

Pop Ups/Alerts/Confirm boxes/Toasts/DateTime/


Introduction of TAB Views

Applying Styles & Themes

Advance Android Programming with uses of (Web Services/Threads/AsyncTask/Handlers/Runnable

 Ø Developing Own Application Installation

Creating Own App

Generating .APK & Installation

Deployment in Google play Store

 Ø Advance Android Application Development : Web Services/Live Folders/XML Parsing/JSON/Maps

Details of Web Services

Introduction of Live Folders/XML Parsing/JSON

Linking With Google services (Maps/GPS/Temperature/Pathfinder)

Accessing Phone services (Call/SMS/MMS/Media/SD Cards)

Using Camera (Front End/Back End)

Text To Speech

Various Network Components (Bluetooth/WiFi)

2D/3D Views of Objects

  Ø  Live Project

Project Definition

SRS & Documentation

GUI & Database Design

Coding with Industry Standards